How To Find A Remote Job in 2021

Thanks for checking out my blog at Be Remote Consulting! I help people like you adapt to the remote work lifestyle and live anywhere in a rapidly changing world. If you’re reading this blog post, you’re probably interested in finding a fully remote job. Large tech companies like Microsoft and Twitter recently announced that they will allow permanent work-from-home policies indefinitely. You can read the full article here. This emerging trend of remote work begs the question, why would you choose to work from a small cramped studio apartment in San Francisco paying thousands of dollars in rent per month when you can instead work online from your laptop on a beautiful paradise island like Phuket or Koh Samui in Southern Thailand?

I firmly believe you should be allowed the freedom and location independence to Work From Anywhere! Of course, the current pandemic is putting a damper on the growing digital nomad movement, but I’m confident it will return even stronger once the vaccine is widely adopted and this dystopian government lockdown is behind us. I’m currently typing this blog post from a co-working space called Draper Startup House in Chiang Mai; one of the top digital nomad hotspots around the world. This beautiful city in the mountains of Northern Thailand has a considerably lower cost of living and better quality of life compared to places like Austin, San Francisco, or Los Angeles. For example, my current penthouse condo in the heart of Nimman is only 15,000 Baht, or approximately $500 per month. Starting early next year, I will most likely work out a deal with the owner and put it up for rent on Airbnb to make extra money while I’m traveling around Thailand.

There are so many ways to earn a living while traveling the world if you do the research on Google and flex your creative muscles. For the purposes of this blog post I will be walking you through a proven methodology to find full / part-time / contract remote jobs online in marketing, sales, software development, etc. You simply need to follow my listed guidelines to improve your chances of securing that next remote work opportunity — allowing you to escape the 9-5 rat race, set your own flexible hours, create a freedom lifestyle, and live anywhere in the world. Remember to maintain a healthy work/life balance by taking regular breaks and exercising, meditating, getting out of the house, spending time in nature, eating healty meals, or anything else to relax your brain for at least an hour throughout the day.

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1. Get Your Resume Up To Speed

The first, and arguably the most important step, is to optimize your resume for the automated applicant tracking system that a lot of recruitment firms use to screen out qualified candidates such as yourself. You can either choose to hire a freelancer or resume-writing expert on a website like Fiverr to save time/effort or do it yourself by creating a free account on ResumeWorded. I recommend the latter option since improving your understanding of what makes a resume stand out in a sea of competition will not only help you now in your personal growth, but also in your future career path. You must learn how to be a salesperson if you want to be successful in your business, relationships, and overall personal life growth. There are other tools available to test the performance of your resume, such as TopResume and SkillRoads. For more info, you can read the blog post on my website here. This video tutorial will walk you through the process of improving your resume to outsmart the automated robot and get seen by a real-life human recruiter. Wouldn’t that be great?

Learn more and sign up for my online course on Teachable at Remote Work Lifestyle.

How To Optimize Your Resume To Get More Job Interviews

2. Grow Your Professional Network on LinkedIn

With over 660 million users globally and more than 30 million companies listed on the platform, it’s no wonder that LinkedIn is the 2nd more popular platform among B2B marketers. More information with statistics here. If you don’t already have an account on LinkedIn, you’re missing out on the single largest source of qualified leads in the online world. You can find nearly anyone from the highest level CEO’s of Fortune 500 companies to business tycoons like Richard Branson, successful marketing executives, consultants, coaches, as well as hiring managers and recruiters at any reputable company you’re looking for. The majority of employers go directly to LinkedIn when searching for qualified candidates at that next important role. It’s easy to quickly scan a user’s profile for relevant work experience, education, certifications, recommendations, and skills. That’s one of the key reasons it’s important to have an active presence on the platform, preferably with over 500 connections. Keep in mind quality is more important than quantity of connections. For example, I’ve amassed close to 15,000 connections in the past 5 years and still struggle to find consistent paying clients or job opportunities on LinkedIn. You should also make sure your profile is well optimized for search results (SEO) by using the right organic keywords for your target industry. Use the online tool ResumeWorded mentioned in the first step to optimize your LinkedIn profile in addition to your resume. This will improve your chances of showing up near the top above your competition in the job market when an employer, recruiter, or hiring manager is searching for your All-Star profile.

For my readers: I will show you a proven growth hacking technique using marketing automation to quickly and strategically widen your network on LinkedIn. Learn more and sign up for my online course on Teachable at Remote Work Lifestyle.

How To Grow Your Professional Network on LinkedIn

3. Apply For Remote Jobs You’re Interested In

There are dozens of remote job boards available online. A quick Google search for “remote job boards” will pull up over 89 million results. Check out this list of 62 Best Remote Jobs Websites. I recommend DynamiteJobs, Workew, and Most of the jobs will specify whether it’s a work-from-home or remote job opportunity. A lot of smart business owners are opening up to a remote-first work policy due to the current pandemic situation and easy accessibility of always-on internet access everywhere you go. I’m currently typing this blog post from a restaurant next to a flowing waterfall in Chiang Mai, Thailand. You should read the job description and tailor your resume by including relevant keywords to fit the job position you’re applying for. Once again, quality over quantity is paramount. However, the job market is very competitive and it takes a lot of time and effort to create a separate resume for every application. Employers will often allow you to upload a cover letter as well to discuss your qualification in more detail. Don’t be discouraged if you never hear anything back from the hiring manager or receive an email stating they won’t be moving forward with the interview process. A lot of very successful people get rejected hundreds if not thousands of times before the right opportunity comes along. For example, the world-acclaimed author Seth Godin received 900 rejection letters in a row over the course of a year before publishing his first book. I typically use the Easy Apply feature on LinkedIn Jobs to quickly apply for jobs. Use the “Remote” option in the Location search field to filter out only the remote job opportunities. You can also search for the keyword “Hiring” in your 1st-degree connections to find people in your immediate network who are currently hiring and reach out to them in a more personalized way. Remember, your network is your net worth. Sign up for your free trial of OctopusCRM to automatically send personalized messages to your network.

In the next step-by-step video tutorial you will see how easy it is to apply for jobs on LinkedIn.

How To Apply For Remote Jobs On LinkedIn

4. Bonus: Get Started with Marketing Automation

Sign up for your free trial of OctopusCRM because it offers you a complete easy-to-use dashboard with a clean interface which opens in a separate tab and runs independent of your other daily tasks. You only have four options: Connect, Message, Visit, Endorse. You simply enter the number of connections to pull into the CRM, wait a few seconds or minutes to collect the data, and start click a button to start running the process.

OctopusCRM offers powerful yet super simple autopilot for LinkedIn that automates your work and has a wide range of awesome features:

  • Send automated (personalized) connection requests to 2nd and 3rd level connections on LinkedIn
  • Message hundreds of 1st level connections in bulk
  • Automatically endorse up to 7 skills on profiles of your LinkedIn contacts
  • Visit hundreds of profiles automatically
  • Monitor number of profile views & search appearances, social selling index, and evaluate the performance of your campaigns.

OctopusCRM offers four different pricing options — Starter, Pro, Advanced, and Unlimited. You can choose to pay for the monthly or annual subscription depending on how long you intend to use the software. I recommend signing up for the 2 week free-trial compatible with Sales Navigator and then deciding whether to upgrade to the monthly or annual subscription plan.

Read the full blog post at Top 5 Powerful Marketing Automation Tools For LinkedIn.

How To Get Started With Marketing Automation

Thanks so much for reading this article on How To Find A Remote Job in 2021. The future of work is remote. The digital nomad remote work movement has been gaining momentum over the years before this unfortunate pandemic caught everyone unawares. Companies that don’t go remote-first won’t make it through this decade. The most innovative companies globally don’t need physical offices. Microsoft, Google, Twitter, Pinterest, and Shopify have all been on record stating they will allow their employees to work-from-home indefinitely. However, I believe the smart freedom seekers amongst us will choose to work from anywhere! While the rest of the corporate slaves will be confined to their small studio apartment, you will find me sipping cocktails on a beautiful beach with in Thailand, Philippines, or Vietnam. You only live once!

73 / 100

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